Dr. Rade B. Vukmir, M.D., J.D., is board certified in Emergency Medicine and Critical Care Medicine and is recognized as an authoritative resource and expert consultant in the principles and practice of Emergency and Critical Care Medicine. Noteworthy as well, his reputation is as a proliferative author of numerous scientific publications, treatises and books.

He is available for consultation concerning the medical standards of care, evidence based standards, best practice guidelines and clinical pathways and protocols involved in emergency medical practice performed in emergency departments (ED's) nationally.

The medical-legal expert opinion is offered after review of medical, surgical, pediatric or traumatic patient care events, which involve emergency patients in the healthcare delivery process where medical malpractice may be alleged.

Dr. Vukmir works closely with healthcare facilities, hospitals, attorneys, risk retention groups and insurers to analyze sentinel events offering a medical/legal expert opinion, as well as developing risk mitigation and proactive risk management strategies.

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